Pet Pharmacy

At Apollo Veterinary, we understand the boundless love you hold for your four-legged family members. Our mission is to be more than just a veterinary hospital; we are your pet’s healthcare ally and your trusted source for pet pharmacy services.

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Your Pet’s Lifelong Health Partner

At Apollo Veterinary, our commitment to pet health and the well-being of our beloved animal companions is the cornerstone of our practice. While we take immense pride in delivering comprehensive veterinary services, our unwavering dedication to the world of pet pharmacy truly distinguishes us as the foremost choice for pet owners in Wimberley and neighboring communities.

As your trusted partner in pet care, we extend a helping hand to your furry family member and you, the pet parent. Our primary mission revolves around enhancing the quality of life for pets and their caregivers. With an unswerving focus on pet pharmacy, we pledge to provide outstanding care, ensuring that your pet’s health remains our paramount concern.

Rest assured that at Apollo Veterinary, your pet’s well-being is our highest priority, and we stand by your side every step of the way. Your pet’s health journey is our passion, and we are honored to be a part of it.

Why Pet Pharmacy Matters: A Pillar of Pet Care

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Prescription Medications Tailored to Your Pet's Unique Needs

At Apollo Veterinary, we believe that every pet deserves personalized care. That’s why we stock a wide range of prescription medications and treatments to meet the specific needs of your beloved companion. From chronic conditions to acute illnesses, our pharmacy is well-equipped to support your pet throughout their lifetime.

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Expert Guidance and Advice

We understand that navigating the world of pet medications can be overwhelming. Our experienced veterinary team is here to offer guidance, answer your questions, and ensure you know your pet’s medication and treatment options. We are your trusted partner in managing your pet’s health, providing the expertise and compassion your pet deserves.

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Compounding Services

Apollo Veterinary offers compounding services for clever and discerning pets who can detect even the slightest difference in their medicine. Sometimes, “peanut butter” isn’t just “peanut butter.” We can create custom medications in pet-friendly flavors to make medication time more enjoyable for you and your pet.

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Comprehensive Veterinary Services

In addition to our exceptional pet pharmacy, we offer a full range of veterinary services, ensuring your pet’s holistic well-being.