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Reimagining veterinary medicine for our community and team using curiosity, innovation, and transparency.

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Primary Care

Same-Day Appointments

Urgent Care

What We Do

We offer everything from routine wellness care, emergency care, surgeries,  and diagnostic testing. Our team is committed to communicating with you in a manner that is respectful and honest.

Wellness Exams

Our job is to make sure your pet is ready to go, and if there are any problems to be found, we will present you with a game plan that keeps you in the driver’s seat.

Sick & Urgent Care

Things do not always go according to plan. We are here for those times when you need us the most and will help give your pet the best care possible.

Diagnostic Tests

From testing urine, blood, and fecal material to digital X-rays and ultrasound, we have rapid, in-house point-of-care diagnostics when you need it.


We perform our procedures under full anesthesia to avoid any discomfort when we scale under the gumline and use water flushing during the procedure.


We perform most soft tissue, mass removal, and oral surgeries in the clinic. We also work with board-certified surgeons in-house to bring the best care to you.


Whether you are inquiring about food allergies or weight loss, we stay updated on nutritional recommendations and  create plans specific to your pet.

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A Place
of Community

Apollo Vet is a place of community and family. Our goal is that when you visit Apollo Vet, you leave knowing we gave everything we had for your family and will continue to support you even after you leave our doors. We also want you to have such a pleasant experience that you may just come back the next day without your pet to hang out with us!

Meet Our Team

Here’s what our clients have to say about what makes us #apollovet